Baltro Tatyana

b.1951, Moscow

Graduated from the Moscow Higher Art and
Industrial School ( Stroganov School)

Select exhibition:
1987-Legnica (Poland)
1988-Palanga (Lithuania)
1998-Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (Germany)
2002-Hermitage. St-Peterburg (Russia) The
project Hermitage + Schmuckmuseum.

The International Exhibition of Bijouterie
(former Czechoslovakia)
The first All-Russia
competition of the jeweller projects. 2000
nomination:"New technologies and designs"

"VMDPNI", Moscow.
"Tsaritsino" the State Museum of History,
Architecture and Nature, Moscow

1-7 - “Hyperring” 2001idea by Tatyana Baltro 1988
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