Bykova Natalya

b.1945, St. Petersburg

Graduated from the St. Peterburg
Higher Art and Industrial School.
Has porticipated in exhibitions since 1975.
Solo exhibitions (jointly with G. Bykov):
1981 in St. Petersburg,
1993 in Moscow.
Her works are included in the permanent
collections of "GIM", Moscow; "VMDPNI"
Moscow; The Museum of Amber, Kaliningrad

1-Brooch from The “Islands” series 1989
    copper, german silver, engraving.
2-Brooch from series:
    “In Leningrad from 0 to +5’C” 1990
    enamel, coopper, engraving,
    oxidation, textural surface.
3-Pendant:”Autumn-2001” 2001
    steel, silver, brass. 23,4x8,6
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