Naumov Vladimir

b.1947, Kursk

Graduated from the Krasnoselsk
Art School of Decorative Metalwork
(Krasnoe-on-Volga, Kostroma Region)
Has participated in exhibitions since 1974
in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Germany,
France, USA, Spain, Japan.
His works are included in the permanent
collections of "VMDPNI", Moscow
The State Hermitage,St. Petersburg, Russia.
Museum of Salou, "Barcelona", Spain.
"ANGERMUSEUM", Erfurt,Germany.
Collection AO "ALROSA"

1- Pendant: “Mechanics of reflection” 2001.
    steel, titanium, gold. 5,7x5,7
    burmishing, colouring.
2- Brooch “Mirage” 1989
    steel, german silver, silver, incrustation,
    burmishing, colouring.
3- Pendant: “Diamond”. 2001
    in project “Jeweller theatre”
    in collection “ALROSA”
    gold,diamonds, silver,leather steel

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